Tell Red Oak How You Feel

If Ginter Park still refuses to hear us then we may have to speak louder. And to do this we are encouraging you to leave a Google Review. As it stands, as of 01/22/23, Red Oak Apartments only has 11 Reviews. We would like to see that number expanded for a couple reasons:

  1. This is another important way to have your voice be heard because businesses rely heavily on online reviews to attract customers.
  2. If we can, we would like to prevent new people looking for a home from signing a lease without an accurate picture of what they’re getting into.

According to surveys up to 90% of people in the market to buy something, in this case rent something, consult reviews. You have likely done this many times and have maybe left some reviews in the past. Many will know the stereotype of the disgruntled customer running to the internet to complain about not getting napkins with their meal or downright fabricating stories because they were not a fan of a service they received. This is not what we are asking you to do.



We are very specifically asking you to go to Google and tell other people about your experience with Red Oak Apartments. Be truthful. If you have had a great experience with Red Oak, tell people that. If you have not had a great experience with Red Oak, don’t embellish the story at all. Tell the facts exactly as they are and that will be more than enough. A couple things we ask:

  1. Do not create multiple accounts for yourself or anyone in your house.
  2. If you live with other people, please make your experiences unique to you. Maybe your partner had issues with the leasing process and you had specific maintenance issues.
  3. Use your own words. Never copy and paste text from anyone else.
  4. If you use photos, make sure those are unique and relevant to your review, just like the text.

Google Business Reviews can and likely will be taken down if they turn out to be false. These can also be taken down if they turn out to be different accounts, managed on the same device, re-posting the same information. We are very specifically advocating you go to Google and tell Red Oak, and anyone thinking about renting there, what you really think.

A Quick Warning

If you are taking all of the above advice then you have done nothing wrong. HOWEVER, if you put your name on this you should know that Red Oak will likely see it. We cannot speak to what they may or may not do in response to you leaving a review and we would hope that they would be honest enough to take the criticism and try to do better in the future. But we know that there are any number of ways they could use this sort of thing to further exploit their landlord/tenant power dynamic. So please. BE CAREFUL!

If you would prefer to leave reviews anonymously we would encourage you to create a new Google account for yourself. When you do, maybe use a fake name and don’t attach your phone number. You have puchased a service from Ginter Park LLC/Red Oak Apartments and you are simply reporting your experience. This is simply a security step for your protection, if you feel you need it.

If you already have a Gmail and would prefer to leave the review as yourself, please skip to Step 4. If you already know the process of doing this you can skip the below and just go leave a review. The below instructions are for people unfamiliar with this process.

Leaving a Google Review

Step 1 – Creating a Google Account

Click on this link to Create a New Google Account.

Step 2 – Information

Input your information if you are comfortable with doing this publicly, as yourself. If you would prefer to do this anonymously for your own protection you can choose whatever name and username you like.

Step 3 – Terms of Service

Read and agree to Google’s Terms of Service. Many people skip this step but we don’t trust Google as far as we can throw them either. So know your rights. If you don’t like these Terms of Service we will have other actions for you to contribute to in the future, so do not agree to anything you are uncomfortable with.

Step 4 – Are You Logged In?

At this point you should be logged in as yourself or as your new account. You can check by going to Google and checking in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 5 – Searching for Red Oak

Type the phrase “Red Oak Apartments Richmond” into the search bar and click “Search” or hit enter. There are multiple Red Oaks across the US. Make sure you type Richmond. Or click this link: Red Oak Apartments

Step 6 – Google Business Pages

You can see the Google Business account for Red Oak Apartments on the right-hand side. Click next to the Star Rating where it says 11 Google Reviews. Hopefully, by the time you get there, it’ll be more!

Step 7 – The Reviews Area

You’ll see everyone else’s reviews right here. Feel free to read them. Click “Write a Review”.

Step 8 – Google’s Review Policies

Please feel free to read this blurb or read it by clicking the information icon next to Posting Publicly. If you are unfamiliar with reviewing this may be worth your while to understand how to comply with Google’s policies.

Step 9 – The Review Itself

Here’s where you leave your actual review. Remember our warnings from above to be 100% honest and use your own words to describe the situation you’re in with Red Oak Apartments. The last thing we want is for all your work to be for nothing because your review was taken down on a technicality. Also, if you would like, feel free to add photos.

Click post and you’re done!

Thank you for participating and we encourage you to talk to your neighbors about participating as well. 11 reviews just isn’t enough to say all that needs to be said about Red Oak. Tell them, and everyone else, what you think!