Stuart Court Apartments

If you’ve been following local news recently, you may have heard about the abysmal conditions in Stuart Court Apartments (managed by Landmark Property Management). If not, check out this feature on ABC 8News. As one resident interviewed for the story put it, “[Landmark] just seems like they are very cheap, they just want to do things the cheap way.” While Landmark declined an interview, they were quick to point out that the “buildings are 100-years-old” and “[are] hard to stay on top of it.”

Several tenants we have spoken with indicated that the leasing office often mentions the age of the building and cost of repairs when tenants lodge complaints. It almost makes you wonder if Landmark Property Management could have invested some of the $98.1 million it recently used to purchase 16 apartment complexes in western Henrico county into fixing up the building…

It goes without saying that we find the conditions at Stuart Court absolutely unacceptable. In addition to the building code violation mentioned in the article, the majority of tenants we have spoken to have had a serious maintenance issue. These complaints included water damage, mold, pests, broken radiators, collapsing ceilings… you name it. Despite their statements to the contrary, the evidence is clear: Landmark doesn’t care about Stuart Court – “they just want to do things the cheap way.” Richmond tenants deserve better.

Water damage ‘repairs’ at various Stuart Court apartments